ZACHARATOS KARATE KICKBOXING / MMA & SOCCER23400 Park Sorrento, Calabasas, CA 91302
Mon & Wed: 5pm - 8pm

To Master Zacharatos:
Thank you always for being my Sensei, you’re the most positive male role model I’ve ever had, you had a massive impact with me growing up, you were there for me as a youth and adult, and have always been my friend.
Gratitude to all of you, so good job!
J.L. Los Angeles 2020   (Jeremy)


To Master Zacharatos:
“My son was attacked at school yesterday. He was pushed to the wall by some angry kid. His parents apologized to me, but I am truly BLESSED that he was able to defend himself. He used your techniques and the kid ran away.”
T.D. Calabasas, Ca 2019 (Tali )


To Master Zacharatos:
“Thank you for always pushing me to become better, I learned so much from you and the experience working with you. Martial Arts is a huge part of who I am today, and you started that journey.
Thank you for all that you have done for me!”
G.H. Newbury Park, CA 2015 (Giancarlo)


Mr. Gerassimos Zacharatos, or “Zach” has been a trainer, mentor and friend of mine for over 15 years. Zach is a patient, steady and well-educated instructors.  Zach explains things very thoroughly and give meaning to all of the rights and rituals that go along with the marital arts
I recently asked Zach to train my daughter in self-defense before she left for college.  My daughter’s self confidence after the training was truly amazing.  She feels much more comfortable walking around campus and attending social events.  My wife and I feel much better knowing that she can defend herself in most situations.
I have the utmost respect for Zach. He is extremely reliable and honest.
J.D. Agoura CA


    Our family has had the pleasant opportunity to meet and begin a long term working relationship for my son.
My son also enjoyed taking martial arts private training from Master Zacharatos, and beyond classes, Coach Zacharatos  continued to support for my son by coming to some of his games and offer encouragement.
As a professional NFL athlete 14 year veteran (now retired),
I also spent some sessions working on my speed and agility with Coach Zacharatos, and Martial arts, boxing, and learning submission holds.
As a pass rushing defensive end, martial arts has always been a superb way to improve my hand skills, and mix with football techniques to achieve success against my opponents.
Coach Zacharatos has a calm yet commanding demeanor, shows professionalism and expertise, has a vast knowledge and experience, and we continue to value and feel blessed for all the professional training and personal support through the past 5-6 years.
Coach Zacharatos should be strongly considered for a number of positions, ranging from directing, leading, creating, sports and personal defense
programs, working with youths, women and men.
Andre: Calabasas/Texas