ZACHARATOS KARATE KICKBOXING / MMA & SOCCER23400 Park Sorrento, Calabasas, CA 91302
Mon & Wed: 5pm - 8pm

We’ll keep you posted on the latest session dates here, and check our “schedule” page to

You can enroll in our classes here or in person at the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center
Summer enrollment is Open!
Summer dates for two 8 week sessions :
Summer one: 5/6-7/1 (no class 5/27 Memorial Day)
Summer two: 7/8-8/28

(Sneak Peek at Fall Dates:
Fall one (8 weeks): 9/9-10/30
Fall Two (6 weeks): 11/4-12/18 (no class 11/11 Veterans Day)

We’re so proud of our daughter Nicolette Sapphire Zacharatos, graduating college with Magna Cum Laude honors 2024! This is extra special since her 2020 High School Graduation and senior events were stolen by the pandemic! It’s been an incredible journey, she started college during the pandemic, yet found her passion and discovered more talents as a podcast and radio host. It also renewed her belief that even though the pandemic was a traumatic event, things can turn around in the most unexpected, uplifting, and wonderful ways if you never give up hope, as she ends her school years on such a high note, and excited about the future!
(more pics and vids on my private instagram @itsJamiesWorld and a few pics on our karate and my art insta too @zacharatoskarate @explosiveControlArt)

Nico graduates Magna Cum Laude Honors 2024!

Congratulations to Ryan and Reid awarded their White belt black stripe 4/22/24!
You should see their high flying side kicks! Way to go!

Ryan and Reid awarded White belt black stripe

Congratulations to Dina and Ella Awarded their Orange Belts 4/22/24! Way to go Karate Kids!

Dina and Ella Awarded Orange Belt 4/22/24

Congratulations to Olive awarded 6th Green Belt, presented on 4/8/24!
(it’s actually the first Green belt after Blue belt)
This high achiever also won 1st place in the “Youth art month” competition for all of Southern California!
Way to go Olive, we’re so Proud of You!

Olive awarded 6th Green Belt!

Nico Sapphire (Zacharatos) 2nd Degree Blackbelt, was on air at iHeart radio on the Tim Conway Show 4/4/24! She promoted her “Sapphire Sessions” podcast on Spotify, and her radio show “Nico and Anthony Live” that can be heard on MixCloud. What an amazing experience, special thanks to her Radio professor Kyle who arranged it, and the generous time of iheart radio and Tim Conway who were so welcoming! Coming soon Nico will be on Tim Conway show for a half hour in June! We’ll keep you posted

Nico On Air iHeart radio Tim Conway Show! 4/4/24

Congratulations to Amir on being awarded his Orange Belt 3/4/24
He worked hard, gave it his all, great attitude, had a great test, way to go!

Amir Orange Belt awarded 3/4/24

Congratulations to Lucas and Violet awarded their first belt,
White Belt Black Stripe 2/28/24!
They worked hard, gave it 110%, and had a great test, way to go!

Lucas and Violet awarded White Belt Black Stripe

Check out our latest Kickboxing Video on our YouTube Channel:
“Building Kickboxing Combos with Master Zacharatos”
Video by Jamie BenAiz-Zacharatos, also posted on our instagram, Jamie took the vids during the kickboxing/MMA class in October 2023.
Master Zacharatos demonstrates fighting combinations by adding on strikes and kicks while working on the heavy bag.

We want to wish you Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year in 2024, and Peace on Earth!
We put on our holiday lights, changed out of our Karate clothes, and got a little Glam for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Congrats to our newest belts awarded November 2023!
Olive received her 7th Blue Belt (11/20).
Ella (11/20), Dina, & Amir (11/6) received their yellow belt black stripe!
It’s rewarding to see after students train for a while, and suddenly something seems to click and it all comes together, they reach the next level, and are ready to test for their next belt!
Great life lessons to learn if you don’t give up and quit, and keep working at it, you can achieve your goals!

Olive awarded 7th blue 11/20/23
Ella, Dina, Amir, Awarded Yellow Belt Black stripe Nov 2023

*Check out two new video clips from our karate and kickboxing/MMA class both on our karate instagram and here on our Zacharatos YouTube Channel:
Karate Class Summer 2023
Kickboxing/MMA class Summer 2023

*Check out our instagram @zacharatosKarate for some cool new ‘blast from the past’ posts! and more to come!
You can see Master Zacharatos Combat Karate Point fighting on our instagram highlight and here on our Zacharatos YouTube Channel back when he was with the undefeated ‘Sherman Oaks Raiders’ 5 man team. After he retired from professional kickboxing, he competed in Tournament Blackbelt point fighting.
If you haven’t seen it, here’s Master Zacharatos Title Fight on ESPN from 1980 in professional kickboxing, he was rated top ten in the world!

Instructor Jamie’s November 2023 birthday combined a b-day celebration with being guests of Zacharatos Blackbelt Ralph Johnson and original member of Earth Wind and Fire in Concert on opening night at the Venetian, with his lovely wife joining us. An uplifting high energy show.
Celebrating my b-day with great friends, Zach and our daughter Nico is the absolute best! #Grateful
(I also posted some vids on our karate school instagram @zacharatoskarate )
Mr. Johnson (pictured below performing in concert and at dinner with us after the show) has taught self-defense seminars at Zacharatos Karate and is looking forward to doing that again!
Mr. Johnson holds blackbelts in two styles, ‘Tang Soo do’ from Master Zacharatos, and later earned a blackbelt in ‘Kung fu San Soo’. He found time to train while touring the world with EWF. #NoExcuses
For more, see our spotlight on our students/assistant instructors blog about Ralph Johnson.

Happy Birthday to Master Z!
Thanks to all our students for making his birthday Z-Extra special!

(check out the cute videos from his birthday on our karate instagram @zacharatosKarate

Congrats to Koen and Alicia awarded their first belt white belt black stripe!
They tested 7/19/23

Brother and Sister team Alicia & Koen awarded their black stripe!

7/17/23 Congrats to Arav on achieving his JUNIOR BLACKBELT!
He tested on 7/3/23, and was presented with his certificate on 7/17/23 after the 2 week break,
He worked hard for many years, we’re so proud of you!

Congrats to Arav on his Junior Blackbelt!


7/3/23 Congrats to Olive awarded her Blue Belt (8th Blue) !
She returned to Karate last year after a 2 year pandemic pause to continue her Martial Arts journey!
(When did our karate kids get taller than me! ha ha (Jamie)

Olive awarded Blue Belt 7/3/23

6/26/23 Congrats to newest belts, Yellow Belt awarded to Ella, and Black stripes awarded to Sophie, Oona, Jordan and Joel! They all worked hard, and had a great attitude, great job!

Congrats to our newest belts awarded to Jordan, Joel, Sophia, Oona, Ella
Receiving their certificates and new belts from Master Zacharatos

5/8/23 Congrats to our newest Yellow Belts, Norah, Amir, and Dina!
So cool to see them High Five each other as they were awarded their belts!
Way to go supporting each other! Teamwork!

4/2/23 Congrats to Arav on being awarded his 1st red belt (which is the last of 3 red belts)
Next test is blackbelt! Great job, and he broke his boards too!

3/13/23 Congrats to Dina awarded her first belt presented on 3/13/23 White Belt Black Stripe!
Keeping it in the family~ Dina’s brother Amir was also awarded his first belt last month!
Great Job! Proud of you!

Dina presented with her White Belt Black Stripe 3/13/23

2/23/23 Congrats to our new belts awarded to our Junior Karate Kids on 2/22/23
Great job to all our karate kids who worked hard and had a great test! Proud of you! #NoExcuses
Olive awarded Purple Belt, Matin awarded Orange Belt, Amir & Norah awarded White belt Black stripe.

New Belts awarded 2/22/23 to our Karate Kids! Way to Go!

*NEW SPRING SESSION DATE IS: 3/27-5/3 (enrollment is open!)
you can enroll online here or in-person at the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center
Sneek Peek at our Two Summer Session dates: starting May 8-July 3 AND July 17- Sept 11 (enrollment for summer opens April 17)

1/2/23 Our Winter Session began January 9thMarch 13

1/5/23 We added a mini 6 week SPRING session between our Winter session starting 1/9 and our summer session starting May 8. *The SPRING dates are March 27-May 3 Enrollment is open! (Now there won’t be a 2 month break between the Winter and Summer sessions, more continuous training! )

(Hope to see you in our winter session 1/9/23, we’ll be back in our karate uniform by then!)

11/9/22 Arav is awarded his 2nd Red Belt, pictured here receiving his certificate from Master Zacharatos, great job Arav!

Arav awarded his 2nd Red Belt 11/9/22

11/2/22 Jamie teaches weapons class after students received their new belts! They all picked it up very quickly for their first time! Future Action Stars in the making!

Jamie BenAziz-Zacharatos teaches weapons class 11/2/22

11/2/22 Congrats to our newest belts awarded in our Fall Session to Olive (orange stripe), Matin (yellow belt), and Ella (white belt one stripe) Great job, we’re proud of you!

Belts Awarded 11/2/22 Olive, Matin, & Ella
pictured with instructors Master Zacharatos & Jamie BenAziz-Zacharatos

9/27/22 Fall Classes started Monday 9/19, Thanks to all our students who enrolled, our Fall session is going great! Returning students, and many new students! Welcome!
If you’re a returning student (not a beginner), you can still enroll late!

Fall Kickboxing Class 2022

8/22/22 We had a great summer session, Enroll in our fall classes Now!
Fall session starts 9/19-11/14 Look forward to seeing you soon!
Enroll Online here with the Calabasas Recreation Brochure
*(Type in “karate” or “kickboxing” in search bar to find your class to enroll, or click the links below!)
Link to enroll in Karate Link to enroll in Kickboxing/MMA

Congrats to our students awarded new belts on 8/22/22 in our summer session!

Congrats to our Karate Kids awarded new belts on 8/22/22 !
Arav awarded his 3rd Red belt, new students Matin and Adam awarded their first belt, White Belt One stripe. (Pictured with instructors Master Zacharatos and Jamie)

Fall session enrollment is now open!! Session starts 9/19-Nov14
We look forward to seeing you then!
(Winter starts Jan 9, 2023, way too early to enroll now, but you can plan ahead!)

7/23/22 Summer session is well underway! Summer Session 2022
(fall 2022 session will start Sept 19-Nov 14, and Winter 2023 will start Jan 9th-March 13, it’s too soon to enroll for winter, but you can plan ahead! We’ll keep you posted when enrollment is open, usually about a month before the sessions start. )

6/14/22 Congrats to our karate kids new belts awarded yesterday, Olive got her Orange belt, Arav got his 4th Green! see pics on our karate instagram @zacharatosKarate

4/29/22 Proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter the tennis & Swim center Yay!
The center lags behind a bit from other county and state requirements, but eventually they get there! So now when you come to take our classes, you don’t have to show proof!

4/21/22 So great to see everyone at our first class back in 2 years on April 18th!! Check our instagram @zacharatoskarate for some pics and vids! Our summer session starts 6/27

Back in Kickboxing Class 4/18/22!
(After a two year pandemic pause!)
Back in Karate Class!! 4/18/22
(After a two year pandemic pause)

4/8/22 Registration for Spring classes starting April 18-June 13, opened March 14th
*And Indoor Mask Mandate has been lifted!!
You can workout without a Mask! But adults need to show proof of Vaccination to enter.
Enroll online here: CIty of Calabasas Recreation Brochure
After 2 long roller coaster years since we had to close due to Pandemic, we look forward to seeing you soon!! Classes are starting to fill up, so enroll soon!

2/8/22 Spring and summer city classes in karate, kickboxing/MMA, are on our schedule page: SPRING STARTS 4/18-6/13, SUMMER STARTS 6/27-8/22 Check the city of Calabasas for when registration opens! CIty of Calabasas Recreation Brochure

2/8/22 Due to new insurance restrictions by the city and the school district, we can no longer offer our Soccer workshops at AC Stelle Middle School through the City of Calabasas, but private soccer coaching is always available, or form your own group soccer class at great rates! contact us if interested. (this change may effect the ability of other independent instructors to offer other classes taught after school at AC Stelle too)

2/1/22 Please update our email to:
we’ve recently had issues with the email forwarding of, and have missed recent emails, it’s been resolved, but to be safe just use our gmail address, sorry for any inconvenience.

The city of Calabasas just cancelled all indoor classes for the Winter session due to Omicron, it’s frustrating as other gyms and studios can remain open, but it’s out of our hands. Zoom martial arts hasn’t been successful, so we’ll wait for our in-person spring session! We should be out of the surge by then, and everyone can feel safe doing our classes.

Congrats to our newest Junior Blackbelt, Abhinav D. Awarded 12/18/21 He started training with us during the pandemic (after transferring from another studio), he worked hard, and had a great test!
His brother (currently a green belt) is also working toward his way up the ranks. Way to go Abhinav!

November 2021 Master Zacharatos has added another credential, he is now a USA Boxing Coach! In addition to coaching students, he can be in the corner in the ring for students that want to compete in boxing competitions!
(For over 20 years, Master Zacharatos has been a professional kickboxing/MMA referee and judge for the California state Athletic commission)

Wishing you all a Happy Safe Holiday and a Happy New Year in 2022!
The pandemic has impacted everyone in some way, there have been ups and downs, and great challenges, but also some wonderful moments that may not have happened otherwise, and we emerged stronger! We’re grateful we can spend the holidays together with family and friends this year again!

Master Zacharatos & Jamie Celebrated their 25th anniversary in December 2021! (32 years together!) Who says you can’t have a hint of a boxing theme at an elegant wedding at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills! On the way back down the aisle after the ceremony, they walked to the theme from “Rocky”! And their wedding cake toppers were little mini golden boxing gloves! It was wonderful to celebrate . . . with people! (vaccinated guests only) #Get Vaccinated, then party!

Happy Holidays 2021
Master Zacharatos and Jamie’s 25th Silver Anniversary 12/2021
Abhinav D. awarded his Junior Blackbelt 12.18.21