ZACHARATOS KARATE KICKBOXING / MMA & SOCCER23400 Park Sorrento, Calabasas, CA 91302
Mon & Wed: 5pm - 8pm

We’ll post the most current events and latest news here!

6/14/22 Congrats to our karate kids new belts awarded yesterday, Olive got her Orange belt, Arav got his 4th Green! see pics on our karate instagram @zacharatosKarate

6/14/22 Summer registration is now open, Starts June 27-Aug 22, enroll here! :
Summer Session 2022
(fall session will start 9/19-11/14 too soon to enroll for fall, but you can plan ahead!)

4/29/22 Proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter the tennis & Swim center Yay!
The center lags behind a bit from other county and state requirements, but eventually they get there! So now when you come to take our classes, you don’t have to show proof!

4/21/22 So great to see everyone at our first class back in 2 years on April 18th!! Check our instagram @zacharatoskarate for some pics and vids! Our summer session starts 6/27

Back in Kickboxing Class 4/18/22!!
Back in Karate Class!! 4/18/22

4/8/22 Registration for Spring classes starting April 18-June 13, opened March 14th
*And Indoor Mask Mandate has been lifted!!
You can workout without a Mask! But adults need to show proof of Vaccination to enter.
Enroll online here: CIty of Calabasas Recreation Brochure
After 2 long roller coaster years since we had to close due to Pandemic, we look forward to seeing you soon!! Classes are starting to fill up, so enroll soon!

2/8/22 Spring and summer city classes in karate, kickboxing/MMA, are on our schedule page: SPRING STARTS 4/18-6/13, SUMMER STARTS 6/27-8/22 Check the city of Calabasas for when registration opens! CIty of Calabasas Recreation Brochure

2/8/22 Due to new insurance restrictions by the city and the school district, we can no longer offer our Soccer workshops at AC Stelle Middle School through the City of Calabasas, but private soccer coaching is always available, or form your own group soccer class at great rates! contact us if interested. (this change may effect the ability of other independent instructors to offer other classes taught after school at AC Stelle too)

2/1/22 Please update our email to:
we’ve recently had issues with the email forwarding of, and have missed recent emails, it’s been resolved, but to be safe just use our gmail address, sorry for any inconvenience.

The city of Calabasas just cancelled all indoor classes for the Winter session due to Omicron, it’s frustrating as other gyms and studios can remain open, but it’s out of our hands. Zoom martial arts hasn’t been successful, so we’ll wait for our in-person spring session! We should be out of the surge by then, and everyone can feel safe doing our classes.

Congrats to our newest Junior Blackbelt, Abhinav D. Awarded 12/18/21 He started training with us during the pandemic (after transferring from another studio), he worked hard, and had a great test!
His brother (currently a green belt) is also working toward his way up the ranks. Way to go Abhinav!

November 2021 Master Zacharatos has added another credential, he is now a USA Boxing Coach! In addition to coaching students, he can be in the corner in the ring for students that want to compete in boxing competitions!
(For over 20 years, Master Zacharatos has been a professional kickboxing/MMA referee and judge for the California state Athletic commission)

Wishing you all a Happy Safe Holiday and a Happy New Year in 2022!
The pandemic has impacted everyone in some way, there have been ups and downs, and great challenges, but also some wonderful moments that may not have happened otherwise, and we emerged stronger! We’re grateful we can spend the holidays together with family and friends this year again!

Master Zacharatos & Jamie Celebrated their 25th anniversary in December 2021! (32 years together!) Who says you can’t have a hint of a boxing theme at an elegant wedding at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills! On the way back down the aisle after the ceremony, they walked to the theme from “Rocky”! And their wedding cake toppers were little mini golden boxing gloves! It was wonderful to celebrate . . . with people! (vaccinated guests only) #Get Vaccinated, then party!

Happy Holidays 2021
Master Zacharatos and Jamie’s 25th Silver Anniversary 12/2021
Abhinav D. awarded his Junior Blackbelt 12.18.21