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Pops Bernie Krasnoo

“Pops” Bernie Krasnoo in 1980

“Pops” Bernie Krasnoo

We are saddened by the loss of Bernie “Pops” Krasnoo who passed away in early February 2021 after battling an lillness (not covid).

He was Master Zacharatos’ manager when Master Zacharatos was fighting professionally from the late 70’s to early 80’s, known to all as “Pops”. Pictured here moments after Master Zacharatos wins the Calif kickboxing title fight by knockout, he celebrates with Pops, and Pops claiming to the press, “we want them all”!  You can see the fight on our Zacharatos YouTube Channel: CA State Kickboxing Title Fight 1980

Before starting his own martial arts studio with his wife Jamie, Master Zacharatos was chief instructor at Sherman Oaks Karate that Pops eventually owned, and Pops was a student of Master Zacharatos.

Master Zacharatos was a member of the undefeated Sport Karate team, “Sherman Oaks Raiders” for 5 years, the dominant team of the 1980’s! You can check out their Sherman Oaks Raiders  instagram for more blasts from the past with Pops and others. The one of a kind Pops who reminded us of the character “Pauly” in the “Rocky” movies, touched many lives, and we’re all connected by Sherman Oaks Karate!

Fortunately, Master Zacharatos and Pops had the opportunity to speak on the phone several times very recently before he passed, and reminisced about old times. Truly a gift for them both.

You don’t know it will be the last time you speak with someone until it is. Makes you think about the importance of reconnecting with old friends.

We were happy to attend and celebrate his 80th birthday a few years prior to his passing with him, his family, and many of the old Sherman Oaks Karate gang!

We will truly miss you old friend!

“Mother Goose” Carol B.

“Mother Goose” Carol B. in 1997

“Mother Goose” Carol B.

It is with Great Sadness we found out that on May 4th, 2015, our dear friend and former kickboxing student, Carol B. a.k.a. “Mothergoose” passed away of Cancer.

She was one of a kind, with a young spirit.

Master Z nicknamed her Mother Goose because she had a huge variety of animals, including a full grown goose in her back yard at her home!

Then years ago she gave up her beloved home/farm in Northridge CA, and she moved to Oregon to be near her grandchildren. We kept in touch over the years.

In her 60’s and 70’s she trained in karate and went to red belt, and would send us photos from Oregon as she advanced in belts. She also loved to paint (and sent us photos of her art), she did Yoga, taught Pilates, loved to travel to exotic places like Nepal, she had such a zest for life.

She never forgot our daughter’s birthday and would always send Nico a birthday card with a $20 bill each year, for 13 years!

When she told us she had cancer about a year before she died, she always stayed strong, never complained, and said, it’s OK, I’ll be OK.

We’ll never forget our Mothergoose, with her great optimism and zest for life, no matter what obstacles came her way. She will be greatly missed.

You can see in this photo, she’s putting bunny ear fingers behind Master Z’s head! That was so her!

Steven K.

Steve and his wife Sheela took private lessons in kickboxing for many years from Master Zacharatos, after a time Sheela stopped training, but Steven continued regularly.

He was an attorney and great friend, and he passed away from cancer in 2015 within a couple months of us losing Carol B. (Mother Goose).

We will always cherish our memories, and miss him.

Gary Grant

Gary Grant trained under Master Zacharatos for many years at Sherman Oaks Karate where he received his blackbelt. When we opened our first location, he was one of our assistant karate instructors. Master Zacharatos gave him the nickname “Butsky” don’t ask!

He was one of the few martial artists that was so graceful when he sparred with his beautifully executed kicks.
He had some struggles in his life, but martial arts was so helpful in grounding him.

He died tragically in the early 1990’s when he was hit by a car, and was gone way too young. His family knew how much martial arts meant to him and it was such a big part of his life, he was actually buried in his karate uniform with his blackbelt.

It’s just heartbreaking to think of such a vital young man with his life ahead of him to be taken so tragically, he will be missed.