Soccer Tournament Highlights
Soccer Commercial

We started our soccer workshops about 17 years ago in Calabasas when AC Stelle middle school opened in 2004 with two big soccer fields.  We saw there was a need for young kids who would like play soccer and compete, but didn’t necessarily want to join a league. Or parents didn’t like the favoritism they found in some leagues, not allowing each student to participate, or sometimes they’d have unqualified if well-meaning parents as coaches. (one parent actually hired Coach Zacharatos as their secret weapon, to coach their team the Cheeta’s to first place in their league!) And some students just wanted to improve their skills before joining a league. Whatever the reason, the flexibility of our soccer workshops filled a void.

After some of our students repeated our soccer workshops a few times, we saw the next step was to have our own inner school soccer tournaments after completing each 8 week soccer workshop, with soccer trophies for first or second place awarded at the end of the match. In this highlight video from one of our soccer tournaments, we had Coach Zacharatos as head coach, and a parent (that was highly qualified), as assistant coach, so each team had their own coach during the competition.

Many of our karate students, who otherwise wouldn’t have had time or the inclination to play soccer in a league, were able to participate in our soccer workshops. It was a great experience for the kids, without any politics involved, as sports should be, especially for developing youths.

Great scrimmage action during tournament
Scrimmage action with Coach Zacharatos joining in during tournament
Great group scrimmage action during tournament
Scrimmage entanglement
Young Nico and Rens great scrimmage action Spring 2011 tournament
(Nico and Rens both achieved their 2nd degree blackbelts too!)
Spring 2011 soccer tournament Coach Zacharatos with karate students Andrew, Nico Zacharatos, Rens, Stan, and soccer student Lynn
Going for the goal!
Group trophy photo after tournament
Group soccer photo from Soccer commercial coaches and kids, Coach Zacharatos far right
Teamwork cheer after each class and competition
Soccer Tournament Dec 2014 Coach Zacharatos
Soccer tournament Winter 2011 with many students from karate (2nd from right Nico Zacharatos) Stan, Rens, and far left Andrew who also helped out in our soccer classes
Soccer tournament Fall 2010 Coach Zacharatos with students that are also our karate students, Nico Zacharatos far left, Stan, Rens, Jupin, and Andrew who later assisted us with our soccer classes
Small soccer competition June 2009 Coach Zacharatos (Nico Zacharatos Center)