MMA Clinic taught by Nicky (Nicky’s pro karate) 5/9/12,
Greco Roman Wrestling clinic taught by Chris Roos 4/25/12,
Self-Defense seminar taught by Ralph Johnson 2/23/03

Sometimes over the years, we bring in special guest instructors to teach a seminar in their style of expertise, and to add unique experiences from other martial arts experts with a passion to share their knowledge with others.

We’ve known Master Nicky, of Nicky’s pro Karate, for many years and consider him a great friend. He shares his passion of teaching martial arts in the same way Master Zacharatos does. He taught an exciting MMA clinic to our students, Where as Master Zacharatos specialized is an expert in Boxing and Kickboxing in addition to Martial arts, Master Nicky is an expert in submissions/MMA. (When MMA became a legal sport in California years ago, Master Zacharatos transitioned from refereeing and judging only kickboxing to MMA and kickboxing. He would sometimes work with Nicky on MMA techniques)

We met Chris Roos through Nicky, and he specializes in Greco Roman wrestling. He also trained with Nicky for many years, and continued to compete in competitions for many years. He doesn’t teach martial arts for a living, but it’s a huge part of his life, and taught an amazing class. It was interesting to see the similarities in wrestling and MMA.

Ralph Johnson is a 1st degree Zacharatos Blackbelt in Tang Soo Do style, then earned a 3rd degree blackbelt in another style, Kung Foo San do, which is an ancient Chinese style. American Tang Soo Do is a Korean style, very balanced with equal hands and feet, offense and defense, includes sparring, and katas (which is the art part of martial arts). Introducing and incorporating another style of martial arts, and learning new techniques, can only enhance you as a martial artist. Ralph Johnson is a great example of no excuses training, as he still tours with his group Earth Wind and Fire, yet always had time to train. His sons also trained with us for many years. He taught several exciting seminars in our classes, and we remain great friends to this day.

Master Nicky MMA Clinic 2012

Nicky of Nicky’s pro-karate, has a passion for teaching martial arts, he is an expert in submission grappling and Bulgarian Military specialized hand to hand combat. He taught an exciting MMA clinic to our students.

Master Zacharatos Introduces Master Nicky (of Nicky’s Pro Karate) teaching MMA seminar 2012
Nicky MMA clinic, Arm triangle Nicky and Giancarlo 2012
NIcky MMA clinic, Figure Four leg triangle Nicky and Giancarlo 2012
Nicky MMA clinic, Muay Thai clench Nicky and Giancarlo 2012
NIcky MMA clinic, practicing MMA Muay Thai clench 2012
Nicky MMA clinic, Fireman throw Nicky and Giancarlo 2012

Chris Roos Wrestling Clinic 2012

Chris Roos is a Greco Roman wrestler who trained with Nicky for his blackbelt, and demonstrated his amazing wrestling skills as a guest instructor.

Chris Wrestling clinic 2012, Guest Wrestling instructor Chris Roos looks on as he trains students Ricky and Andrew
Chris Wrestling clinic, Neck strengthening exercise, wrestling warm-up
Chris wrestling clinic, techniques Chris working with Taylor
Chris wrestling clinic, Chris demonstrating as class with Ricky, Taylor, and Master Zacharatos looks on 2012
Chris wrestling clinic, takedown
Chris Wrestling Clinic, Chris with Taylor (ouch), don’t mess with Chris!

Ralph Johnson (3rd Dan) Self-Defense Seminars 2003

Combining Tang Soo Do and Kung Fu San Soo self-defense techniques

Ralph Johnson Self defense seminar, lining up students 2003
Ralph Self-defense, demonstrating wrist manipulation take down on his son Mark-Anthony 2003
Ralph self-defense, take down on Brian Pazera
Ralph self-defense, neck twist
Ralph Self-defense, seminar class
Ralph self-defense now to nullify a choke
Ralph Johnson is seriously dedicated to martial arts as a way of life. Here in chumbi stance and reinforced center chop. In class as instructor, his nickname is “Sergeant Johnson” as he always is in command of his class.
(That is when he’s not touring with his group “Earth Wind & Fire”! )