Our kickboxing stars in the ring . . .

Trevor, Scott, Ricky (a.k.a. Bob S.), Alex

Master Zacharatos Title Fight| 1980

Back in the Boxing Ring
Kickboxing fight night class

Dedication, commitment, no excuses, describes our kickboxing stars who wouldn’t even let a global pandemic stop their kickboxing training! We adapted, stayed safe, got vaccinated, and no one got Covid.

Once we could go back indoors, our students could eventually get back to sparring in the ring after about a year of just individual training. (thanks to long time friend Joey Escobar’s karate in Malibu for use of his ring).

We also use ring ropes in our indoor classes, to give students the feel of the boundaries of sparring in a ring.

Kickboxers Trevor, Scott, Ricky

Our long time kickboxing students Trevor, Scott, & Ricky, all met in our classes, and continue to train with Master Zacharatos on a private basis.  They meet regularly to spar in the boxing ring, you can see the YouTube and Instagram videos. Professionals in their careers, they like to keep a low profile, and go by their first name only. During the pandemic, they trained in our backyard when we hung heavy bags off the monkey bars on our playground! Very dedicated, the definition of No Excuses!

Some may compete in some amateur bouts, stay tuned!

Master Zacharatos training scott in a pandemic no excuses
Body shield workout Trevor with Master Zacharatos
Master Zacharatos training Trevor on heavybag
Kickboxing class fight night Alex and Trevor
In the boxing ring Ricky (a.k.a. Bob S.) and Trevor
Group shot in the ring Trevor, Master Zacharatos, Scott, & Ricky (a.k.a. Bob S.) 2021