Shout out to Kickboxing students

Mason Devon:
She trained with us for many years in kickboxing, and was an accomplished actress and producer (under the name Mason Dragotto) Having beauty and brains, she decided to switch gears and go to medical school! It was a grueling 2 year program to be a Physicians Assistant (PA) and she graduated top of her class in 2012 among students half her age and with more experience such as paramedics and nurses, and is now working as a PA. Way to go Mason! She currently lives a few minutes from us knows Cookie and Dr. Brian Pazera when they all started training with us 25 years ago!

Allison a.k.a.”Cookie” and Cookie’s Son, Training during a pandemic!
Cookie started training with us in Kickboxing when she was only 16 in the class with Brian and Mason over 25 years ago! Skilled in kickboxing, she was seriously considering competing in kickboxing for a time, and even continued training when she moved out of the country for a few years. She had a job in a bakery for a short time, so Master Zacharatos nicknamed her “Cookie” and that name has stuck for over 2 decades!
She’s traveled the world, and we always stayed in touch no matter where in the world she lived, and she kept her nickname Cookie during her travels! Married with a young son, she lives just a few minutes away from us. During the pandemic she started her kickboxing training with us again, and her 5 year old son started training with us as well in self-defense
You can see “Cookie’s Son” training video highlights on our Karate Instagram @zacharatoskarate