Master Z trained Jeremy since he was 8 years old at Sherman Oaks Karate over 30 years ago where Master Zacharatos was chief instructor.

Years later, Jeremy came back to continue train with us in our first location of “Zacharatos Karate”  as a blue belt, and worked his way to red belt.

He was one of the few martial artists, like our Brian Pazera, who was so talented he could switch from Kickboxing and Karate in sparring!

Jeremy has a rare natural ability in the Martial Arts that Master Zacharatos recognized early. Jeremy also grew up training with Mouse and Paula at Sherman Oaks, and knows all our (OG’s) original Zacharatos blackbelts as well, Brad, Captain, Martita, Fred, the Johnsons, and next generation, Giancarlo, et al.

Jeremy was also one of our assistant instructors at our 3rd location in Tarzana when Micah Roberts (a former assistant) worked for us too, and Brian Pazera was still a student (who later became an assistant) All one big ever evolving martial arts family!

Sometimes, when we couldn’t find Jeremy in class, he was across the street playing video games, but who knew that was the start of his training for his amazing career!

Jeremy is one of the most successful head video game designers of such games as “Call of Duty” for Activision. He is also a very talented artist who could draw amazing action hero comic book characters. Currently Jeremy lives out of state, and is working on starting his own video gaming business, with his resume, the sky’s the limit!

We hope that one day both Brian and Jeremy, who stopped at red belt, will find the time in their busy careers to finish and get their blackbelts.

We have known Jeremy for over 30 years, and this is another amazing success story of one of our karate kids and part of our extended martial arts family. We have been a constant in our karate kids lives for decades, which is one of the most rewarding parts of martial arts.

To Master Zacharatos:

Thank you always for being my Sensei, you’re the most positive male role model I’ve ever had, you had a massive impact with me growing up, you were there for me as a youth and adult, and have always been my friend. Gratitude to all of you, so good job!

J.L. Los Angeles 2020


“Pump you up” Master Zacharatos and Jeremy hamming it up! Blast from the past
Sharing a long history, Jeremy and Master Zacharatos still winning!