2nd Dan

Mr Mark Anthony, was our first second generation Blackbelt, his father Ralph Johnson is also a Zacharatos blackbelt.

Mark Anthony was awarded his first blackbelt 12-22-03, and his second degree blackbelt on 7/18/07.  He is one of the most naturally talented Martial Artists, and he combines that talent with hard work and a serious attitude–an unbeatable combination.

He is one of the few capable of combining being graceful and powerful at the same time. He continued his training for several years and volunteered as an assistant instructor to Master Zacharatos, until his school, work, and career schedule took over.

He is currently working as an acupuncturist, and is also a community activist, where he has been seen on the television news, he’s a natural born public speaker. He is also featured in the “Zacharatos” Karate commercial opening segment with the high jump spinning kick, and his dad, Zacharatos blackbelt Ralph Johnson (also a member of “Earth wind & Fire” musical group), wrote the background music for the commercial.
Zacharatos Karate Commercial

It’s wonderful to see our karate kids grow up to be amazing and accomplished adults!

Sparring in advanced karate class, Johnson brothers Mark-Anthony (left) and John-Ralph (right)
Master Zacharatos with Mark-Anthony, offering his congrats on being awarded his 2nd degree blackbelt in 2007
As volunteer assistant instructor, May 2006 tournament Mark-Anthony demonstrates foot sweeping to the young participants