Some of you who go way back with us may remember Micah Roberts, who was one of our amazingly talented karate instructors over a decade ago in our 3rd location upstairs in Tarzana, before we moved our business to the Calabasas tennis and swim center.

He goes way back with Master Zacharatos, and trained at Sherman Oaks Karate when he was a kid, where Master Zacharatos was chief instructor, and has several blackbelts. He also knew Paula and Mouse from those days at Sherman Oaks.

During the time he assisted us with our classes, he knows some of our first Zacharatos Blackbelts, Martita, Captain, Brad, red belt and video game designer Jeremy Luyties, and even blackbelts Ralph Johnson and Mark Anthony Johnson. He knows some of our kickboxers Brian Pazera, Mason and Cookie too! He was our only assistant that could actually do a back flip! He held is own sparring with the kickboxers even though he primarily trained in karate. It stood out that he always had control of the classes he taught at his young age, and not all martial artists do.

About a decade later, he has a beautiful family of his own, and started a personal fitness training business in Woodland Hills California called In Touch Fitness.

It’s great to see the connections all our “karate kids” have with each other, many who continue to stay in touch, and see how they all went on to lead very different and successful lives.

See photos I took at our old studio in Tarzana, catching Micah in high flying action with an old slow film camera before digital!

Micha Roberts back flips!
Former Assistant instructor Micah Roberts does back flips and high kicks!