Kickboxer turned Chiropractor

Brian started training with us in kickboxing class when he was just 12 years old. He stuck with it, and by the age of 17, had competed in numerous kickboxing competitions as an amateur fighter with the nickname “Quickdraw”, where he was known for his spinning bottom fists and powerful high kicks. He also has a rare instinctive and natural ability as a fighter, and earned a championship belt in 1998 at the age of 15. (Our local newspaper to write an article about his championship match) During that time he was competing, he finished high school one year early, and simultaneously completed one year of college. He was also working his way up the ranks in Karate, and stopped at red belt, but won several first place trophies in Karate tournaments along the way.  He became one of our volunteer  assistant instructors for a time as well.  

He is a fine example of how the focus and confidence gained at a young age by training in kickboxing and the martial arts, has changed his life and enabled him to continue to achieve goals in other areas of his life. He is also accomplished in woodwork, and archery.

After suffering injuries in a car accident years ago, a chiropractor was essential in his recovery, and that inspired him to go to medical school and become a chiropractor.  His family told us his training with us in martial arts at a young age gave him the tools he needed to focus and do well in his future endeavors, and he was the first one in his family to finish college and go to medical school.

Currently, he is married, and is working at his own practice as a chiropractor. He worked hard and studied for many years to graduate Chiropractor school. He has an office in North Hollywood Calif.  (We were honored to be seated at the head table with his family at his wedding years ago) 

At one of our holiday parties at our home years ago while Brian was still in medical school, after nearly all the guests left, Brian practiced some of his chiropractic skills on Mr. Giancarlo Hamner and Master Zacharatos, right there on the floor in our foyer!

We’re hoping maybe one day he’ll find time to finish training for his blackbelt. We’re so proud of what he has achieved, and we remain in contact to this day.  
His website is  

Brian Pazera as greenbelt competing tournament 2002, wins first place in 3 divisions, including against a blackbelt!
Kickboxer Brian Side Kick in class
Brian Kickboxing fighting stance
In the ring 1997, a champ at 15 in 1998!
Master Zacharatos Jeremy Luyties, Giancarlo Hamner, Dr. Brian Pazera
outside of karate studio and sparring gear!
Ralph Johnson self-defense take down on Brian Pazera