2nd Dan

Kayla Mason started training with us at the age of about 6. At 13, she was awarded her junior blackbelt on 3/3/2008. She had an amazing test, and broke boards in a way that very few juniors can do. She broke two stacked with one elbow strike alone! She had focus, control and concentration throughout her entire test.

She was also a straight A student, and a competitive swimmer. Accomplishing this much at only age 13, was a window on how well she would continued to achieve.
She also displayed a confidence, maturity and leadership skills beyond her years, as Master Zacharatos had her lead the class in their warm up as soon as she was awarded her 1st degree blackbelt. What a wonderful example for younger kids to look up to.

Kayla was awarded her 2nd degree blackbelt on June 7, 2009, she hoped to train for her 3rd degree one day, and she graduated college with a degree in engineering!
We know she’ll continue to do great things! We are so proud to count her as one of our “Zacharatos” blackbelts!

We stay in touch to this day by keeping up with her important milestones.

Lining up in class to receive her Blackbelt award
Kayla in charge! leading the warm up as a new Blackbelt
Kayla blast from the past at a karate tournament, already making her mark fighting higher ranks as a yellow belt.