Krista Kerr started training with us in karate years ago, worked very hard, and was awarded her blackbelt in 2002.
We met her dad John soon after she started training, and he started training in Boxing with Master Zacharatos.

Master Zacharatos thought John’s style of boxing reminded him of boxer Jake LaMotta, and gave him the nickname Jake. The name stuck, even as he worked as a successful attorney, he would introduce himself as “Jake”! Master Zacharatos is known for giving his students nicknames that seem to stay with them forever.

For Jake’s birthday many years ago, we got him a custom “Zacharatos” satin boxing robe, and I ordered one for Master Zacharatos too. Then I took a cute photo of them, and put them in my “night warriors” fight poster I made for his law offices. Jake purchased several of my art pieces, from my fighter and weapon abstract series, and from my greco series for his law offices.

Krista Kerr awarded her blackbelt 12/23/2002
Master Zacharatos training John “Jake” Kerr Boxing sparring
Master Zacharatos and John “Jake” Kerr boxing
Master Zacharatos and John “Jake” Kerr posing for a boxing poster by Jamie BenAziz Zacharatos about 2005
“Night warriors” John “Jake” Kerr and Master Zacharatos in their custom boxing robes, poster by Jamie BenAziz-Zacharatos
John “Jake” Kerr Boxing student and Master Zacharatos 2005