WEAPONS CLASS  (Escrima Sticks, Bo Staff, and Nunchaku)
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Weapons Class highlights 

Escrima sticks is a popular Filipino martial art of stick fighting with two sticks, dating back to the 1500’s. A Weapons based fighting martial arts style that can include knives and bladed weapons, but we just use the wood sticks. (it’s also similar to what you see in the movies with light sabers!) It’s a practical weapon, because you may easily find a stick or bat etc to defend yourself with.
Bo staff (one long staff) is an ancient weapon used by those who practice the Japanese martial art of bojutsu. You learn combinations to block, thrust, and strike.
Nunchaku (nunchucks) used in martial arts commonly in Okinawan style, it’s a popular martial arts weapon because of it’s fast speed and compact size. Not practical in the real world to walk around with nunchucks, but it’s fun to learn.

Currently this class is not taught on a regular basis, it’s sometimes included in the advanced Junior karate class. Weapons can be purchased from us, or borrowed from us to use in class

Taught by Jamie BenAziz-Zacharatos, 3rd Dan, weapons instructor, business administrator, artist, with over 25 years teaching experience.

Jamie BenAziz-Zacharatos teaches weapons class 11/2/22