REAL KICKBOXING / MMA (age 18 & up)
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Fight Night Kickboxing Class Highlights

Whether you want to become a professional fighter, or you just want to get a great workout, learn self defense, our one-of-a-kind classes can help you achieve your goals!
You will learn basic boxing hands, spinning bottom fists, kicks, footwork, combinations of hands and kicks, slipping punches.  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sparring (fighting) is optional for advanced students only. (Must have instructors permission to spar) All levels of experience welcome.
Get a great workout while learning a valuable skill. 
Instructors teach with attention given to executing kicks and punches with proper technique and detail, unlike mere aerobic classes.

Great supportive environment, instructors and students show respect for each other.

Learn from Master Zacharatos, former pro kickboxing champion, rated top ten in the world, 7th degree blackbelt, and pro kickboxing/MMA referee/judge for Calif State Athletic Commission, with over 25 years teaching experience.

Bag gloves and hand wraps required for beginning classes, and can be purchased from Zacharatos or bring your own. Sparring Gear optional for Advanced students, can be purchased from Zacharatos or bring your own. (bring a jump rope, not available through Zacharatos) No test belts or ranks in real kickboxing/MMA.

Class times: Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:00pm (Mondays techniques, Wednesdays sparring optional fight night) Classes offered in 8 week sessions once or twice a week options.  To enroll in our City Classes and for the most current sessions, enroll with the Calabasas Recreation Brochure
Private lessons available at your convenience at various locations, contact Zacharatos directly if interested.

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